Renee Balter
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What is a giclee print and why is it so special?

The printer collaborates with the artist to create or reproduce original artwork as archival, museum-quality limited edition prints.

Chosen by the artist because of a fine reputation, the printmaking company Pictex is one of New Englandís premiere and most reputable printmakers of fine art.  Their specialty is giclee printmaking using  state-of-the-art equipment that creates very high resolution digital files directly from the original artwork without having to make transparencies or film.

This process is able to produce fine art prints that genuinely convey the essence and feel of an original work of art.

Digital printmaking is an art form, a craft and Pictex is committed to producing the finest prints possible.  Their digital printmaking methodology combines the skilled craftsmanship of traditional printmaking with the latest advancements in digital imaging and color management.